By Margaret Hill

Two, three, four, and five year olds are a busy lot. They are beginning to piece together the world in smart and unique ways. That’s why you need to get them toys that promote creativity, critical thinking, reasoning, and much more.

You can never go wrong with the following 10 educational toys that they are sure to have FUN with:

(1) Lincoln Logs

When it comes to fun and engaging creative thinking, Lincoln logs don’t disappoint. Kids will have a chance to learn problem solving skills and critical thinking skills as they build a variety of structures as well as have a blast.

(2) LeapStart by LeapFrog

LeapFrog starter toy kit will simply knock your kids socks off. It promotes a myriad of skills,from problem solving to reading, yet it’s all really fun to play with. As if that isn’t terrific enough, LeapStart grows with your little one, making it ideal from age 2 up to 5, and even 6.

(3) Tinkertoy Transit Set

Have you reckon that your child is a budding architect? This tiny building block set is perfect for kids who love to indulge their creative side on a hours-long play. 2 and 3 year olds will begin with building easy stuff such as roads, houses or bridges as they progress to more complex structures.

(4) Melissa & Doug Lacing Beads

These beads are the perfect toys for encouraging motor skills. Kids will learn how to handle challenges while threading beads onto string. The shiny wooden blocks are fantastic for number games and stacking. The toy set is suitable for children age 3.

(5) Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ’n Tag Movi

Toy tech has sure made a huge milestones the past decade or so. And Fisher-Price Movi is what the doctor prescribed for your 3-5 year old kid. It encourages children to follow directions and ask queries to engage reasoning and critical thinking. On the overall, the toy is fun, educational, and entertaining.

(6) Modern House Kit

Modern House Kit certainly spurs the imagination of your kid. This dollhouse will encourage children to do role play, something which is quite powerful for promoting imagination and building creativity. It perfect for a solo play or family fun-night.

(7) LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer

If you want your child to make a plunge into the fabulous world of LEGOs, then this toy is your best bet. It engages kid’s motor skills as they build Lego boats, and much more.

(8) Dodge Charger NYPD

This adorable model of an actual NYPD police chase car boasts beeping sounds, red lights, and other features that’ll delight your 2 to 5-year-old. They also come with real police phrases so your can take the role of a robber or cop. It’s fun, educational, and encourages creativity.

(9) Lamaze Stacking Starseeker

Your 2 year old will simply love this toy. It has all the usual suspects for encouraging motor skills and critical thinking, including textures, bright patterns, teething toys, and squeaking noises. As the child stacks the elements, it sure will stimulate her senses. It is also known to hold attention for longer.

(10) Primo Cubetto

If you are looking to introduce your little one to coding at a tender age, this is your go-to toy. This Montessori-approved toy encourages critical thinking and teaches your kid the basics of coding in an age-appropriate, simple, and fun way.


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