By Cathy Griffin

So, your little bundle of joy isn’t the only one walking the unbeaten path. You are also trying to learn the ropes of being a new mom. They say a baby does not come with an instruction manual, but the following 20 quick tips for new moms from other in-the-know moms will certainly come in handy.

(1) Live in the Moment

Enjoy the little, precious moments with your bundle of joy. Don’t worry too much about your daily chores – and learn to be truly with your toddler and enjoy the small moments.

(2) Tantrums are OK!

Recent studies have show that temper tantrums might be more important for your child than you think. They help release stress, improve sleep, express their autonomy and build on their self-confidence.

(3) Have A Couple of Friends on Speed Dial

There are times when you may feel frustrated or even at little angry at your baby – it happens to the best of moms. Don’t sweat it; that’s pretty normal. However, you need to identify people who you can call when you want to vent. They can be your support system, provide a listening ear, offer assistance or advice to help.

(4) Changing Diapers Tip

Place your clean diaper under the dirty one before changing. It can be a lifesaver, and easier to prevent your child from peeing all over the place.

(5) Don’t Push Away your Partner

Sure, he doesn’t know how to do most of the stuff, but let your partner take over sometimes to take the pressure off of you. Share in the experience and grow together.

(6) Keep Off the Screens

Today’s moms have a tendency to get glued on their smartphones, chatting, texting, emailing, etc. When you’re with your child, it’s time for you to put it down and pay attention. They can get into something in a matter of seconds!

(7) Backup Your Videos and Pictures

You don’t want to lose any precious moment with your child. Invest in cloud service or a backup hard drive to tuck away all your irreplaceable memories.

(8) Sync Your Sleep with Your Baby’s

If you don’t get a bit of sleep/rest you will end up wrecking your nerves. Know how to sync your ZZZs with your baby’s

(9) Always be Prepared

There’s a reason you’ve got a baby bag. Have at least 1 change of clothes at all times – you don’t know when and where an “accident” will happen.

(10) Know Your Child

Just like everyone else, your little one comes with a unique combination of challenges and strengths. It’s important to observe your child and learn about their patterns, characteristics and their needs in order to become proactive to help you better plan and prepare for your day. Also be sure to jot down notes and observations that you can share with your pediatrician during your wellness checks in case you have any questions.

(11) Be Flexible About Your Kid’s Meals

Don’t be too strict when it comes to food. Provide a variety and don’t be too pushy – the child will eat when she’s hungry.

(12) Less Driving more Walking

When running errands, walk or stroll with your child – take in that fresh air. You can sure use a change of ambience.

(13) Make Rules and Stick with Them

Your child needs to know that you’re a parent first and a friend second.

(14) Take/Book Spa Time

Set up time for a little pampering. You deserve it and it will help re-energize you to have more energy upon returning home to care for your child and your family. Dash off to a beautiful spa, kick back and relax away from your worries.

(15) Prep for Sick Days

When they come, it’ll be hectic. It does pay to load up on important stuff like rehydration drinks, vitamins and exercise and eat healthy to minimize your chances of getting sick.

(16) Other Parents Exaggerate their “stories”

We all have our fair share of humblebrag moms. When they can’t keep quiet about their super-talented kid, don’t sweat it. They’re probably tooting their horns.

(17) Take it Easy with Big Changes

Are you looking to shift from crib to bed? Ditching bottle for a sippy cup? It is crucial to take slow to ease your child into it. Let her play with a sippy cup, for instance, before you whisk away the bottle.

(18) Talk About Money!

If you have just welcomed your baby, you should know that money is something of the matter. Discuss with your spouse and a professional – come up with a workable budget.

(19) Be Fun & Have Fun

You’ll certainly want your little one to be all smiley, but what about you? Make funny faces, laugh, let all your worries go and have fun with them.

(20) Trust Your Instincts

If your guts tell you something is wrong with your baby – go with your instincts.

And, best of all, happy motherhood!



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