By Alec Altenbach

You can make your kids very happy by planning simple and spontaneous activities that they do not expect. Some of the smallest things that parents do are incredibly important to children and mean a lot them. Here are examples of unique and fun things that you can do with your children that they will never forget. They will be sure to put a smile on their face and in their heart for years to come.

  1. Dance with them unexpectedly

While they are doing their homework or working on a chore, put on some fun music and start dancing with them crazily in the living room. They will more than likely join in and dance with you and partake in a fun moment that caught them by surprise.


  1. Build a hut together under the table

You can build it with sheets, pillows and cuddly toys. Use a flashlight and tell stories that you can either make up together or read from a book. This is sure to put a smile on their face.



  1. Make a cold, dark evening extra cozy

Make hot chocolate, light the candles, put down blankets on the couch, put on pajamas and thick socks and watch a movie with the whole family until the late hours.

  1. Let them choose the meal they want for a day

So what if the ice cream is for breakfast and pancakes are for dinner, let them determine the selections for the day and stick to it.

  1. Let your child choose an activity and oblige them just for one day

Do something with your child that he/she has been dreaming about for ages. Go to that one amusement park or spend a night together in a hotel.

  1. Have your child pick out a superhero and make a costume together

Also for the non-creative mothers among us: nowadays you can even make something with two left hands. Long live YouTube and all his tutorials!

7.Let your child try another hobby

Let your kids try new hobbies, and if you doubt whether they will last a long time get second hand items or instrument. It does not have to be expensive.

  1. Organize an ‘ordinary party’ with your child

Decorate the room, buy a cake, blow out the candles, dance through the room and celebrate life!

  1. Bury a treasure

Whether in a garden or a planter; in any case, add a treasure map and let them find it.

  1. Create a family habit

Children love traditions and rituals. It gives peace and security, just think of the fixed way in which you put your child to bed. Also, try to create unique rituals that are special for your family. It’s up to you, as long as it is unusual to your family and performed daily.

  1. Go outside with your children when it rains hard

Put on raincoats and boots and jump through the most significant puddles. Who does not like to get wet?

  1. Try to arrange concert tickets for your child’s idol

In my time, these were the Spice Girls, but get tickets for whoever it is at the moment. It can also be tickets to an event where they can see their sports hero.

  1. Organize one day when both you and your child do not need to do anything at all

Skip hockey, stay in the pajamas, let him or her play – or not, only eat things that you feel like, watch a movie and fall on the sofa I sleep. Who cares, nobody sees it and tomorrow is another day.

  1. Locate a Random Location on the Map

Show your child a random place on the map in the United States and go there unprepared.

  1. Awake your children ridiculously early to watch the sunrise together.
  2. Spend a night with one of your children in the room, including long chat.
  3. 17. Pick a date for children’s day; that day the children are allowed to do what they want, and they are the boss.
  4. Build the living room into a disco, put on your craziest clothes, pop the music and dance!
  5. Organize a one-to-one pamper day for your child. Go together to a museum, film, and lunch or do something else that makes your child very happy. You will be happy too.
  6. Does your child enjoy playing a game on the computer, PlayStation or Wii? Play with them on occasion
  7. Say occasionally, very occasionally, yes to something you usually never let them do, like sitting on the counter.
  8. Show your photo books and tell your stories.
  9. Thank your kids if they have done something in the house, even if it is just putting the cups in the dishwasher.


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