By Tiffany Braxton

As a parent, there’s nothing more beautiful than truly connecting with your child. It arouses your basic and innermost feelings, putting a huge grin on your face. That’s why it can be painful to find out that you have nothing in common with your kid. But, don’t sweat – there are simple and tried ways you can connect your child even if you feel you have nothing in common.

First Things First – Why is Connecting with Your Child Important?

Sharing experiences, having fun, and just talking build profoundly satisfying parent-child relationships. But, there are a ton of other perks for connecting with your little one– both for you and your child.

Hassle-Free Guidance

It’s never easy to know what’s going on in your child’s life when you are not connected. Teenagers, for one, tend to keep things to themselves. But, they still need guidance and support from you. By connecting with your child, she will begin to open up to you, making it easy to provide advice and even a shoulder to cry on.

Have a Blast

You’d be surprised at how your kids are fun when you connect with them. Watch a movie, play a favorite game, and have a blast.


Simple Ways to Connect with Your Child


#1. Build shared interests together

You’re bound to have something you can enjoy together. After all, shared interests and hobbies are excellent sources for connection between kids and their parents. Cooking, baking, and watching a movie/TV series together all offer you an opportunity for enjoyable experiences and connection.


#2. Take A Special Interest in Their School Work and Friends

The trouble with a growing child is that they will want to develop her own interests and friends, making it harder for you to stay connected. The trick is to meet your children at a point in which they want it most. And what’s more important to your kid than their friends?

So, don’t leave anything to chance – take an interest in their friends and school work. Even better, get to know their friend’s parents. Who knows; you might have more in common than you think. It’s from this position, that you are most likely to connect with your child, and have a positive impact when she’s making crucial life decisions.

#2. Schedule a Daily “Chatting” Time

Nowadays, kids especially teens spend most of their time chatting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and whatnot. Accordingly, you want to make an effort to communicate with them on these social media platforms. Your chatting time can also be something like having tea right after school or a nightly chat to catch up during dinner time or right before bedtime.


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