Sonia Davia

It might seem a little premature to teach an under-6 kid life moral values, but it’s the right age. After all, the best values are instilled at home and will shape the kind of a person your child will grow up to be.

Below are six key values you need to teach your little ones before their sixth birthday.

#1. Honesty

It is easy for your kid to be taught to lie by media, peers, and even siblings. You need to remedy this by reinforcing the virtue of being honest. More specifically, you need to applaud a child’s courage for showing honesty. If you promise not to yell or punish if she tells the truth, don’t renege on your word.

#2. Determination

You need to teach your child to take on challenges at a tender age. The best way to instill courage in your kid is to encourage her to try things that do not come easily, and applaud her whenever she puts in an initiative. However, you need to tone down excessive praise and provide your kids with honest feedback, which should be offered in an understanding and supportive way.

#3. Respect

Respect and courtesy are two virtues that are indispensable for an amicable living. Accordingly, kids learn courtesy and respect at home from the way parents and siblings treat each other. So, if you want her to be courteous and respectful, use words and phrases such as “you are welcome,” “please,” “thank you” and the likes.

#4. Love

The best way to teach love is to show unconditional affection to people around you. The toddler will emulate and modify her character based on how generous and loving you are with your affections. Besides, you need to use phrases like “I love you” often to reiterate your affection.

#5. Generosity and Consideration

The act of giving can sure feel good when done right. However, we can easily get caught up on the receiving end. Teaching your little one the importance of sharing can help her become responsibly generous at school and later in life. You might want to take a charitable cause with your child such as donating food, clothing or even volunteering.

#6. Obedience

It’s true, obedience does not come naturally for most of us. It is cultivated, taught at a tender age, and nurtured through love and honesty. The best way to teach obedience is to reward good behavior. Of course, you need to be a bit patient – it takes effort and time to instill obedience in someone.

There you are – 6 crucial values you need to teach your toddler by age 6. Others include justice, forgiveness, compassion, humility, perseverance, and responsibility.


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