By Melissa Ruiz

There are tens of thousands of kid iOS and Android apps out there, but which are worth your top dollar? Consider the following 12 fun and creative learning apps for preschoolers that’ll offer you great value for your money and some are completely FREE.


(1) Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This is an iOS-only app that has gained increased popularity lately – and for good reads. It’s a puzzle application that’s great for incorporating spatial or visual awareness in your preschooler, including shape recognition, sorting, color teaching, and so much more. And for a $0.99 price-tag, it provides plenty of bang for your buck.

(2) Teach Me:Toddler & Teach Me:Kindergarten

Let your child check out this engaging app which will help them learn basic math (numbers, addition, subtraction), letters, reading, spelling and sight words. You also have the ability to select different difficulty levels. Your child will earn fun and creative rewards for correct answers. It is available at the App Store for iPhone, iPad for $1.99.

(3) AlphaTots Alphabet

Want an app that teaches the alphabet to your toddler by allowing her to dig treasure, build robots and zap alien spaceships? If yes, AlphaTots Alphabet is what the doctor prescribed for learning ABCs. It’s available at $2.99 for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

(4) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Inspired by artwork and incorporating the popular Very Hungry Caterpillar, this app available from App Store for $4.49 helps your budding Van Gogh to learn art by coloring, drawing, designing, creating and painting.

(5) Peg + Cat Big Gig

Your child will sing and dance along with Cat and Peg, two funny characters. What she does not know is that she will be learning some math skills as she adds two and ones. It’s available for Amazon, Android and Apple products for $1.99.

(6) JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning

Take a magical learning adventure journey with Frankie the Dog through four different types of games that focus on different concepts including critical thinking skills, color, shape, number recognition, letter recognition, listening and memory skills.  It is available on iPhone, iPad for $1.99 and Free on Android.

(7) Little Digits – Finger Counting

This app using the nifty iPad multi-touch screen to detect the number of fingers a kid puts down. It’s a great finger counting app.

(8) Endless Reader

Endless Reader is available for free (of course, with in-app purchases) for iPad and iPhone. It helps your child learn to read by introducing “sight words”

(9) Animatch

This is yet another fabulous iPad and iPhone app that allows your little to flip and match 30 safari and farm animals cards. Think of it like your heyday memory game.

(10) Wheels on the Bus

Remember the classic kindergarten rhyme song Wheels on the Bus? This app lets your child enjoy the interactive version of this song in 5 different languages. Besides, there’s a robust record feature to capture your kid’s precious voice.

(11) Preschool Arcade

Your little will feel like she is at the boardwalk arcade while enjoying this app’s 4 learning games: Pinball 123, ABC Invasion, a Whack-a-Mole, and Claw-Crane Matching. It’s an excellent alphabet recognition app available for $0.99.

(12) Farm 123 Free

This StoryToys Junior app teaches your kid to count.

Please note that some of the prices may change or may vary, however, at the time this article was written the prices included above were the amounts advertised.


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