By Alicia Grace

Sharing is a virtue that doesn’t come naturally to most preschoolers and toddlers. That’s why you need to teach them how to share. How so?

We have listed 7 valuable tips to help you teach your little one how to share.

#1. Start Early

Children learn faster when they are still young. So, as soon as your little one learns how to grasp objects, you can teach him sharing by playing the “my turn” game. By learning how to take turns, your child will grasp the importance of sharing.

#2. Be A Good Example

If you want to instill any virtue in your child, it’s always best to be their role model. Practice the act of sharing with your kid wherever you are. Keep it simple and fun to maintain your child’s focus. For example, you can teach him or her by sharing the couch while eating popcorn from a shared bowl.

#3. Don’t Force it

No one likes something to be forced down their throat, including children. Instead of forcing him, create an enabling atmosphere and attitude that encourages your kid to share. Children are possessive at a young age, and you should respect that while modeling sharing.

#4. Talk About Their Feelings

Asking the right questions can make your child feel more comfortable sharing. Consider questions such as “are you afraid you won’t get your toy back?” “Are you worried you won’t get a turn?” This helps your kid recognize their own feelings. With time, this recognition of feelings will help them read other’s facial expression and needs.

#5. Explain — Make it Clear to Your Child

Again, sharing is an abstract thing for your little one. You will have to make it more concrete for him or her. Talk more about sharing, taking turns, being patient, and other virtues that might encourage him/her to share.

#6. Connect with Your Child

There are numerous benefits of making a connection with your child. It provides you with an opportunity to become a true role model as well as provide guidance. That’s right — attachment parenting often leads to sharing children.

#7. Bring a Timer to Play Dates

If squabbles arise during play dates — when the child refuses to share, time-sharing can come in handy. In such a scenario, you can give each kid about two minutes of toy time. However, you might have to explain to the children the importance of time-sharing.


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