By Sonia Davis

So, you’ve have changed from a wife and husband to mommy and daddy. Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! Well, we get it – keeping the romance, spark, and the bedroom business beguiling is no picnic especially when you have to deal with a crying baby, hefty bills, and a mountain of diapers.

Below are seven simple mommy and daddy tips that you and your partner can leverage to keep the romance and spark ticking, even after the arrival of your little one.

#1. Continue or Start Doing Date Nights

It’s no big secret date night is a huge marriage-saver. After all, it is the reason you fell for each other in the first place. There’s no compromise about this: make date nights your priority (of course, after your kid). Hire a reputable babysitter to put your mind to rest and take some pressure off of you.

#2. Take A Romantic Walk whenever Possible

You don’t need to talk or workout; just be there for each other. That’s right. You can turn your kid’s naptime into an opportunity for a romantic stroll down your favorite street or park. The crisp, fresh air will sure rejuvenate your minds, souls, and spirits.

#3. Shared Showertime!

You might not have time to mingle during the day. Perhaps you have separate jobs. Although your days for a long hot bath a deux might be over, that does not mean you cannot share a romantic shower moment. Make it sensual; it’s your love life we are talking about.

#4. Learn to Spoil your Partner

It is natural for us parents to spoil our children and neglect our better halves. For starters, you are not showing your kids a good example, and it puts a considerable strain on your relationship.

#5. It’s High-Time You ‘Bring Sexy Back’

Remember those days of PDA? Well, you need to show serious affection. When you put your kid down for a nap, try snuggling and kissing a little. Be sure to maintain body contact! It can do wonders for the romance.

#6. Get Your Flirt On

The girlfriend and boyfriend part of you shouldn’t be completely lost once your body arrives. Keep on your playful and coy side – that’s what romance is all about!

#7. Be Patient

Juggling your baby’s needs, life, and work can be quite stressful, if not downright daunting. Don’t beat yourself up if you cannot bring back the romance immediately. It takes time – and you should be prepared to stay the course.


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