By Margaret Cheung

So, you’ve reckoned your little one has become lazy lately. What to do, right? First things first; you are not alone — millions of US parents have to deal with sluggish kids every day. These are the children who spend almost all day in bed when school is out. They don’t help around the house, leave clothes lying all over the place, and are notorious for unfinished school work.

No matter how you look at it, dealing with a lazy child is no walk in the park. That’s why you need to do something to motivate your child and bring up someone who’ll grow to become a responsible citizen. We’ve rounded up five tried-and-true tips to help you up the ante and motivate the child.

(1) Be the Role Model

You’ve probably heard of the cliche expression monkey see, monkey do; it stands to be true for your case. Why? You see, children imitate what people around them do. If you tend to be lazy, your child will follow suit. If you are unmotivated, so will your kid.

(2) Be Inspiring

Ask yourself this: are you controlling or inspiring? Needless to say, you need to be inspiring to motivate your child even if she’s lazy. It helps to remind yourself of someone who inspired you as a kid and work earnestly towards that goal.

(3) Don’t Make it Too Easy for your Child

The so-called ‘spoon-fed’ children are the ones who are more likely to become lazy. In other words, this means don’t make it too easy for them. Does your child want a few bucks to go to the movies or buy a trendy sneaker? Learn to say “no” so that your kid can learn the importance of “earning” something. By all means, make your child realize that nothing in life is ever handed over on a silver platter!

(4) Make Volunteering and Giving a Habit

There’s something of beauty about giving and helping others. It boosts self-confidence, instills the virtue of determination, and puts things into perspective. That’s precisely what you need to motivate a child who’s lazy.

(5) Allocate Chores

There are tons of age-appropriate chores for children of all ages. You need to set expectations for your kids. Sit down with your children and explain in an upbeat and caring way to them that they have to start chipping in some effort to the upkeep of their home. It could be something simple like arrange the bookshelf to vacuuming the floors. Either way, chores will do the trick when you’re looking to motivate a child.


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