How did this become my life? 

Parenting Scope Why We’re Here

Hello! My name is Catherine Griffin and I am OBSESSED with helping Moms and Dads successfully navigate through the many challenges of parenthood (including parenting taboos), allowing them to celebrate all the joys of parenthood at every stage and focus on establishing a lifelong relationship with their child.

Nearly 20 years ago I was working as an Engineer for a telecommunications company.  I was a new mom with a son and pregnant with a daughter when I realized how much I couldn’t stand my job.  I was succeeding with multiple promotions and a great salary, yet something was missing.  I felt . . . unsatisfied and I was MISERABLE.

(Cue the tiny violins.)

After many sob stories to my husband and friends, I realized being an Engineer just wasn’t my passion.  So I asked myself, what do I really want to be when I grow up?  I was always drawn to helping others and working with children.  Coincidentally, at that time my friends and I were looking for a preschool in my area that offered an accelerated curriculum and we simply could not find one.  And then it hit me… I’m going to start a preschool!  So I went back to school and received a Masters in Psychology and a Certification in Early Childhood Education and then one day I walked right into my boss’ office and gave him my resignation letter.

Wow, what a RELIEF!  With support from my family, I opened a Gifted Prep & Fine Arts Preschool and an Enrichment Center. Between my strong passion and ridiculous commitment to developing a unique program with enormous family engagement, our centers grew rapidly and I’ve had the pleasure of working with thousands of parents and their children for more than eighteen (18) years.

As a mom, an educator and an entrepreneur for the past 20 years,  I get the daily challenges and frustrations that come along with parenting which is why so many parents turn to me for help.  Parenting Scope was founded to guide Moms and Dads throughout parenthood, answer their questions and provide advice to shorten the parenting learning curve.  In a world where we spend hours on social media posting pics and videos of our children’s greatest moments, we avoid sharing anything negative about our family for fear of being embarrassed, fear of being judged or fear that no one would be able to relate. Parenting Scope is a safe environment to discuss any parenting taboos while successfully navigating parents through every age and stage.

No one has all of the answers.  Together, we can learn from each other’s experiences and find the best techniques and tools that work for us individually.  At Parenting Scope, we want to simplify parenting, allowing you to celebrate the joys of parenthood and focus on establishing a lifelong relationship with your child.

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Parenting Scope Why We’re Here


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Parenting Scope Why We’re Here


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